Arabic Calligraphy NFTs

NFTs are trending. Here are Islamic arts uploaded on OpenSea. These Arts are created by Aboulfazl Poursharif. These digital arts are Arabic calligraphy in which a phrase of Quran or an Imam is quoted. These arts are highly detailed and for people who buy them, a printable version (high res jpg file) of the file is also provided.

  1. Every Soul Shall Taste Death.

Every soul shall taste death is Arabic calligraphy by Aboulfazl Poursharif. “Every soul shall taste death” is the most frequently quoted verse of the Quran about death. Which originally is part of “Every soul shall taste death. Then to Us will you be returned.”.

The artist of these digital arts is in love with black color. “The depth that a black color can give you is way deeper than any other color”

“In my youth, I was always thinking about death and how the afterlife would look like. I always searched inside Quran to find verses that can explain death to me and nothing seems more realistic than this one” says Aboulfazl Poursharif.

Every soul shall taste death

It is very detailed and artistic. The original file of this NFT is nearly 60MB in CMYK color mode, so one can print it on paper if they want to hang it on the wall.

2. The Use Of Justice

3. Vala Zalin

4. Vala Zalin




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